json-glib 1.2.4

About JSON-GLib

JSON-GLib implements a full JSON parser using GLib and GObject. Use
JSON-GLib it is possible to parse and generate valid JSON data
structures, using a DOM-like API. JSON-GLib also offers GObject
integration, providing the ability to serialize and deserialize
GObject instances to and from JSON data types.


• Add Meson build system [Thibault Saunier - #773603]
• Support Visual Studio 2017 [Chun-wei Fan]
• Allow using G_DECLARE_INTERFACE with JsonSerializable
• Allow empty strings as JsonObject member names [Dr. David Alan Gilbert - #747279]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/json-glib/1.2/json-glib-1.2.4.tar.xz (502K)
  sha256sum: 36f4519c2733753ceea8e9cf7fdf784cfba4bc6e16b87359fac9680183d82c04

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