retro-gtk 0.9.92

About RetroGtk

Toolkit to write Gtk+ 3 based libretro frontends


* Allow recursive iteration through Libretro cores of a directory

Version 0.9.91

* Ongoing refactoring:
 - Deduplicate documentation
 - Add missing MouseId values
 - Remove deprecated input device types

* Libretro module query:
 - Allow to check the firmwares
 - Add an helper method to chek the supported MIME types
 - Add a module iterator, allowing sync and async browsing
 - Remove the now useless foreach function

* Core:
 - Add methods to handle standalone cores more easily

* Fix an integer division when computing the aspect ratio

* Add a script to update libretro.h

* Bugs fixed:
 777371 Support standalone Libretro games
 777987 Allow to have a sharp video output
 778744 Check required firmwares are present

Version 0.9.90

* Ongoing refactoring:
 - Merge the retro-gobject module into retro-gtk
 - Merge the RetroGtk namespace into Retro
 - Remove many unused types and functions
 - Refactor many types and functions
 - Make the API overall simpler

* Libretro module query:
 - Search modules from their Libretro Core Descriptor
 - Search Libretro modules in paths from the LIBRETRO_PLUGIN_PATH env variable
 - Drop the ancient module query mechanisms
 - Drop the ancient Libretro core path env variable

* Allow to set a smooth or sharp rendering to CairoDisplay

* Bugs fixed:
 777482: retro-gobject: Remove unused private code
 777987: Allow to have a sharp video output
 778446: Support the Libretro Core Descriptor format

Version 0.8.1

* Fix module lookup failing early when a directory doesn't exist

* Bugs fixed:
 771624 retro-gobject: Libretro module query fail when directory doesn't exist

Version 0.8

* Merge retro-gobject into the retro-gtk tree

* Remove deprecated symbols:
 - Retro.CoreFactory
 - Retro.get_plugins_dir()
 - Retro.search_module()
 - RetroGtk.ClutterDisplay
 - RetroGtk.init()

* Add dependency on libpulse-simple

* Remove dependency on clutter-gtk

* Add unstable API guards

* Clean up multiple parts of the code and the build system

* Allow to look for modules by the content of their .info file

* Make the Retro.Rumble interface public

* Fix the speed at which games are run

* Fix sound stopping to play after some time

* Bugs fixed:
 769306 retro-gobject: Fix typo
 769317 retro-gobject: Make Rumble public
 769415 Wrong location for retro-gtk.h and retro-gobject.h
 769729 retro-gobject: Allow to search modules from their .info
 769880 retro-gobject: Refactor retro-environment* files
 770340 Sound stops after some minutes

Version 0.6

* Remove dependency to JSK

Version 0.4

* Deprecate ClutterDisplay and RetroGtk.init().

* Use kebab-case file naming convention.

* CairoDisplay
 - Draw on a publicly available Gdk.Pixbuf.
 - Render itself desaturated when insensitive.

* PaDevice
 - Stop playing when destroyed to prevents crashes.

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  sha256sum: 37608c8f17e43804a485b9c2ddad9fd002e46518e6c557941200669c464cafff

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