gst-plugins-base 1.12.1


2017-06-20  Sebastian Dröge <slomo coaxion net>

          releasing 1.12.1

2017-06-20 11:07:10 +0300  Sebastian Dröge <sebastian centricular com>

        * po/sv.po:
          po: Update translations

2017-06-20 10:06:01 +0300  Sebastian Dröge <sebastian centricular com>

        * gst-libs/gst/pbutils/install-plugins.c:
        * gst-libs/gst/pbutils/install-plugins.h:
        * gst-libs/gst/rtsp/gstrtspmessage.c:
        * gst-libs/gst/rtsp/gstrtspmessage.h:
        * win32/common/libgstpbutils.def:
        * win32/common/libgstrtsp.def:
          libs: Export boxed type copy/free functions for the remaining types

2017-06-02 09:41:59 +0200  Wim Taymans <wtaymans redhat com>

        * gst/audioconvert/gstaudioconvert.c:
          audioconvert: resize output buffer to correct size
          If we are using a downstream bufferpool we need to set the size of the
          buffer to our output size.

2017-06-01 13:01:03 -0700  Scott D Phillips <scott d phillips intel com>

        * gst-libs/gst/video/navigation.c:
          navigation: Add introspection annotations for some output parameters
          The missing annotations prevented proper usage from introspected
          bindings like python.

2017-06-12 10:24:43 +0300  Sebastian Dröge <sebastian centricular com>

        * gst/playback/gsturisourcebin.c:
          urisourcebin: Use downloadbuffer element
          And only set low-percent/high-percent if not using downloadbuffer, just
          like in old uridecodebin. using the watermark based buffering causes
          playback to hang never finish buffering with downloadbuffer.

2017-06-14 17:04:18 -0400  Thibault Saunier <thibault saunier osg samsung com>

        * gst/playback/gsturisourcebin.c:
          urisourcebin: Call do_async_done when source state change returns NO_PREROLL
          Otherwise for RTSP streams for example, the pipeline will never go to
          PLAYING as it will be missing an ASYNC_DONE message.

2017-06-12 15:38:53 -0400  Nicolas Dufresne <nicolas dufresne collabora com>

        * gst/rawparse/gstrawvideoparse.c:
          rawvideoparse: Fix missing VideoMeta
          The base class is trying to align the processed data, but it endup
          removing the GstVideoMeta. That caused wrong result. Instead, just copy
          from the process function with the appropriate alignment.

2017-06-01 13:28:42 -0700  Scott D Phillips <scott d phillips intel com>

        * gst-libs/gst/video/video-orc-dist.c:
        * gst-libs/gst/video/video-orc-dist.h:
          video: update orc generated files
          Includes updates from:
          103d265 Fix RGBA and ABGR pack/unpack on big endian cpu

2017-06-01 17:45:41 +0200  Wim Taymans <wtaymans redhat com>

        * gst-libs/gst/video/video-format.c:
        * gst-libs/gst/video/video-orc.orc:
          Fix RGBA and ABGR pack/unpack on big endian cpu
          The pack and unpack functions for RGBA and ABGR only work for little
          endian cpus. Add variants for big endian as well.

2017-05-18 13:24:19 +0300  Sebastian Dröge <sebastian centricular com>

        * gst-libs/gst/pbutils/gstdiscoverer.c:
          discoverer: Clean up more fields to decide if parent/child streams are equivalent

2017-05-23 08:43:26 +0200  Olivier Crête <olivier crete collabora com>

        * gst/videotestsrc/gstvideotestsrc.c:
        * gst/videotestsrc/gstvideotestsrc.h:
          videotestsrc: Protect videoinfo with object lock
          The videoinfo is set in the streaming thread, but can be read by any
          thread from the various queries, so protect it with the object lock.

2017-05-18 11:02:51 +0300  Sebastian Dröge <sebastian centricular com>

        * gst/playback/gsturisourcebin.c:
          urisourcebin: Unref query with gst_query_unref()
          Not gst_object_unref().

======== (2.97M)
  sha256sum: 0cce9fadb574a840b3c9d31b69faf57aad6c5543c3b134a7b935de866c9e0465

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