gnome-documents 3.20.2

About Documents

A simple application to access, organize and share your documents on
GNOME. It is meant to be a simple and elegant replacement for using a
file manager to deal with documents. Seamless cloud integration is
offered through GNOME Online Accounts.


- Use LOKDocView for pre-OOXML MS Office formats (Pranav Kant)
- Don't offer to open in file-roller (Bastien Nocera)
- Pass the correct number of arguments to
- Don't steal space keypress in preview
- Don't leak the URI when thumbnailing
- Make sure that load jobs are cancelled
- Enable printing only for documents that support it
- Translation updates

======== (2.22M)
  sha256sum: 51817fe21b28dfe60f01de2ea1be49318d41b702dae8f25e7c7539111c5fc7f1

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