gjs 1.49.3

About gjs

GNOME JavaScript/Spidermonkey bindings


- This will be the last release using SpiderMonkey 38.
- Fixes in preparation for SpiderMonkey 52 [Philip Chimento]
- Use the Centricular fork of libffi to build on Windows [Chun-wei Fan]

- Closed bugs:

  * [RFC] Use a C++ auto pointer instead of g_autofree [#777597, Chun-wei Fan,
    Daniel Boles, Philip Chimento]
  * Build failure in GNOME Continuous [#783031, Chun-wei Fan]

Version 1.48.4

- Closed bugs:

  * gnome-shell 3.24.1 crash on wayland [#781799, Philip Chimento]; thanks to
    everyone who contributed clues

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.49/gjs-1.49.3.tar.xz (584K)
  sha256sum: acfcebe41a773561078a666c9126095bdee648f3a0961663f0c7a970ce383553

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