gnome-tweak-tool 3.25.3

About GNOME Tweak Tool

GNOME Tweak Tool allows adjusting advanced configuration settings in
GNOME 3. This includes things like the fonts used in user interface
elements, alternative user interface themes, changes in window
management behavior, GNOME Shell appearance and extension, etc.


* Move Typing panel to Additional Layout Options dialog in
  Keyboard & Mouse (Jeremy)
* Move Compose Key setting to Keyboard & Mouse dialog (Jeremy)
* Convert some settings to ListBoxes (Jeremy)
* Several other UI tweaks to match Design Team mockup (Alberto, Jeremy)
* Only show Top Bar page and Overview Shortcut if GNOME Shell is running
* Enable 'appmenu' window button when disabling App Menu (Jeremy)
* Use Ubuntu sort order for Left placement of window buttons (Jeremy)
* Fix "blank slate" for Extensions page (Florian)
* Drop build-time checks for run-time dependencies (Patrick)
  Distributors, please see README for run-time dependencies
* Consistently use /usr/bin/env python3 shebangs (Patrick)
* Rewrite post-install script in Python (Patrick)
* Handle SIGINT (Ctrl+C) (Alex)

  Jeremy Bicha, Alberto Fanjul, Patrick Griffis, Rui Matos,
  Alex Muñoz, Florian Müllner

 Jordi Mas [ca], Daniel Mustieles [es], Fabio Tomat [fur],
 Gábor Kelemen [hu], Kukuh Syafaat [id], Baurzhan Muftakhidinov [kk],
 Aurimas Černius [lt]

======== (218K)
  sha256sum: df0a20050fc0a32e8f7fce73a25dc313f75b169421b7668ca587ebd631244f61

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