girl 9.7.0

About GNOME Internet Radio Locator

GNOME Internet Radio Locator (GIRL) allows users to easily find live
radio programs on radio broadcasters on the Internet.  GIRL is
developed on the GNOME platform and requires GStreamer 1.0 to be
installed for playback.  Enjoy Internet Radio.


        * AUTHORS: Add Dominique Leuenberger for GStreamer 1.0 port
        * THANKS: Add Dominique Leuenberger for GStreamer 1.0 port
        * GStreamer 1.0 Port (Bugzilla #777397)
        * help/cs/cs.po: Updated Czech translation by Marek Černocký
        * po/es.po: Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles
        * po/sv.po: Updated Swedish translation by Josef Andersson
        * src/girl-9.7.dtd: Add 'href' attribute in location tag for 9.7.0
        * src/girl-player-backend.c: GStreamer 1.0 Port (Bugzilla #777397)
        * src/girl-player-backend.h: GStreamer 1.0 Port (Bugzilla #777397)
        * src/girl-record-backend.c: GStreamer 1.0 Port (Bugzilla #777397)
        * src/girl-record-backend.h: GStreamer 1.0 Port (Bugzilla #777397)
        * src/girl.xml: Update to 9.7 DTD
        * src/girl.xsl: Add XSL Transformation template

=========  (6.46K)

======== (1.37M)
  sha256sum: ea4e3d8027b5fd678543887a29c866b1207fa6617c4c397372920c0409d56998

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