recipes 0.8.0

About Recipes

An easy to use app that will help you to discover what to cook today,
tomorrow, the rest of the week and for your special occasions.


Released: 2017-01-18

This release focuses on completing and polishing existing features.
 * Multiple recipes can be exported an imported in one batch
 * Deletion of recipes can be undone
 * We inhibit screen blanking and suspend while a recipe is cooked
 * There is a printable shopping list
 * The ingredients page has been dropped for now
 * Problems with exporting in a flatpak sandbox have been resolved

=========  (32.8K)

======== (36.0M)
  sha256sum: 050a0f04e393ae16e31d7c19102777a41cdbdb436639ff3903ed7b0dae381acf

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