gnome-builder 3.22.3

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Summary of changes since 3.22.3

 • Fix Clang auto-copmletion snippet insertion and scoring
 • Various uninitialized and undefined behavior fixes
 • Language defaults are now installed
 • Support for building with llvm 3.9
 • Remove <> pairs when backspacing
 • Support added for building and runing Flatpak applications, including
   from Builder distributed via Flatpak
 • flatpak-builder integration using json manifests
 • Project tree expands to previous location after refreshing contents
 • Buffers are saved before performing build system install operation
 • Show flatpak prebuild and postbuild output in Build Output panel
 • Store app-id in buildconfig
 • Enter/Return has been re-enabled for auto-completion
 • Goto Line popover no longer uses popover animation/delay
 • Avoid over activation of ctags, clang and other completion providers
 • Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Rust rls language server
 • Fallback to ptsname() when necessary
 • Workbench CSS style improvements
 • Fix tab to move between snippet chunks during auto-completion
 • TTY support for FreeBSD when spawning processes
 • A new Run Output panel has been added
 • Fix for insertion of certain input methods next to quotations
 • The editor now allows overwriting ;
 • The terminal now supports highlighting and activating URLs
 • Fixes for copy and paste commands in terminal
 • Support for compiling C code outside of autotools projects has
   been improved to correctly discover standard include files
 • SSL and SSH improvements via Flatpak builds

It is strongly recommended that all users of Bulider upgrade to 3.22.3.

Updated translations

 • Lithuanian, Hungarian, Kazakh, German, Spanish, Czech, Polish,
   Brazilian Portuguese, Latvian, Serbian

======== (2.35M)
  sha256sum: 6a04360ca2e04a0c281b5fa80cca0f760f65fabb2dcbc71a0f53d90e7a7aa5cb

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