sysprof 3.22.3

About Sysprof

The Sysprof profiler is a statistical profiler based on hardware
performance counters in modern CPUs. Please see


  for more information.


Changes since 3.22.2

  * Fix expansion of function text in callgraph.
  * Fix jump-to-function in callees list.
  * Disable record button while generating callgraph profile.
  * Ensure sysprof icons are available form libsysprof-ui-2.
  * sysprof-cli requires --force to overwrite previous capture. [Hubert Figuière]
  * Reduce code duplication in capture frame initialization. [Vito Caputo]


  * Brazilian Portuguese and Polish translations were updated.
    [Enrico Nicoletto, Piotr Drąg]

=========  (3.62K)

======== (570K)
  sha256sum: e6dca325b3014440f457a92db18ffe342a35888db3f0756694a99b9652796367

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