nautilus 3.19.90

About Nautilus

Default file manager for GNOME


* Reorganize shortcuts (Felipe Borges)
* Remove bookmark manager (Carlos Soriano)
* More robust search (Carlos Soriano)
* Add preference for menu item "Delete Permanently" (Razvan Chitu)
* Add preference for menu item "Create Link" (Razvan Chitu)
* Fix jp2 images crashing nautilus (Carlos Soriano)
* Change icon of operations cancelation when operation is finished (Paolo Borelli)
* Allow Nautilus windows to be styled differently than other applications (Horst3180)
* Add new search popover and search filtering (Georges Basile Stavracas Neto)
* Allow different search preferences for remote and local separately (Carlos Soriano)
* Remove sorting preference, since the view menu is the preference itself (Carlos Soriano)
* Allow different view type setting for search and normal (Carlos Soriano)
* Rework preferences window (Carlos Soriano)
* Add another zoom level and improve icons padding (Cosimo Cecchi, Carlos Soriano)
* Allow to open the "Other Locations" in new tabs or windows (Carlos Soriano)
* Make operations popover keyboard navigable (Carlos Soriano)
* Limit search to maximum 5 years (Alexandru Pandelea)

======== (3.24M)
  sha256sum: c54099fdce9bb0f38a06e5a4458af7a59af5f0d5e60a15eeabd9805f3c996adb

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