gnome-video-arcade 0.8.6

About GNOME Video Arcade

GNOME Video Arcade is a clean and simple MAME front-end for any compliant desktop environment.

The project is targeted towards non-technical arcade enthusiasts who
just want to easily play classic arcade games on their desktop. Though
it may be suitable for use in custom arcade cabinets, the project is
not designed for that purpose.


        Released February 24, 2016

        What's New
        * Just a tiny update to fix a status bar glitch that cropped up
          with MAME 0.170.

        New Translations
        French [docs] (Alexandre Franke)
        Portuguese (Pedro Albuquerque)

        Updated Translations
        German (Mario Bl├Ąttermann)

=========  (1.91K)

======== (1.82M)
  sha256sum: 2de77ecc9566ee7d76df5deefb191c1cc01452ab7d3b22e92d6dc3f971ddc98e

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