evolution-data-server 3.21.91

About evolution-data-server

Centralized access to appointments and contacts


Bug Fixes:
        Bug 767786 - Don't hardcode socks:// scheme for Camel accounts proxy lookup (Milan Crha)
        Bug 768672 - Show account name and full folder path in UI messages (Milan Crha)
        Bug 769620 - Ensure Date field is filled in the folder summary (Milan Crha)
        Bug 770198 - Do not override UTC time with a DTSTART zone in e-cal-recur (Milan Crha)
        Bug 761450 - CalDAV fails to recognize "Daily Limit Exceeded" error from Google/GOA (Milan Crha)
        Bug 742117 - Loops on "Learning new spam message in INBOX" (Milan Crha)

        Rename webkitgtk_minimum_version to webkit2gtk_minimum_version (Milan Crha)
        Add translator comments above '%s : %s' explaining its purpose (Milan Crha)
        [Camel] Folder summary can be leaked after its folder is freed (Milan Crha)

        Piotr Drąg (pl)
        Dušan Kazik (sk)
        Jiří Eischmann (cs)
        Marek Černocký (cs)
        Andika Triwidada (id)
        Balázs Úr (hu)
        Daniel Mustieles (es)
        Enrico Nicoletto (pt_BR)
        Mario Blättermann (de)
        Balázs Úr (hu)
        Flo H (de)
        Rūdolfs Mazurs (lv)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-data-server/3.21/evolution-data-server-3.21.91.tar.xz (5.30M)
  sha256sum: 31afc6efb667cf4d3eb70d49a184202d9957a23c57eae5642430905645343cde

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