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Bug Fixes:
        Bug 769912 - [WK2] Reply erases preselected signature (Tomas Popela)
        Bug 769753 - [WK2] Cannot replace misspelled word from the context menu (Tomas Popela)
        Bug 769618 - Emacs Key Theme Not Recognized in the Composer (Milan Crha)
        Bug 770086 - Mail display: Poor contrast in backdrop mode (Milan Crha)
        Bug 770083 - Support removing attachments inside a search folder (Milan Crha)
        Bug 770369 - Strip trailing white-spaces in Remove duplicate messages (Milan Crha)
        Bug 770494 - Accessing freed widget in e_alert_run_dialog() (Hans Petter Jansson)

        Context menu above EWebView hides on button release (Milan Crha)
        Correctly free the WebKit DOM GObject instaces (Tomas Popela)
        Don't try to convert the 'None' signature (Tomas Popela)
        Paragraphs with just BR element could not be quoted properly (Tomas Popela)
        Use a faster way of quoting an element if possible when converting the content (Tomas Popela)
        Remove the zero width space characters from the HTML output (Tomas Popela)
        New line after heading and other elements could be lost (Tomas Popela)
        Fix various issues with parse_html_into_blocks() - mostly not processing part of the input (Tomas 
        Make a magic-spacebar (partly) work again (Milan Crha)
        Open link in HTML editor only when Ctrl+left-click above it (Milan Crha)
        EEditorUndoRedoManager - Fix some FIXME WK2 comments (Tomas Popela)
        Redoing the input history item could be wrong (Tomas Popela)
        Element could be quoted in the HTML mode as in the plain text mode (Tomas Popela)
        Redoing of "Pasting a link and pressing the Return key after it" is wrong (Tomas Popela)
        Don't try to insert selection marks if they are already presented (Tomas Popela)
        Remove an empty blockquote if presented after removing from the quoted content (Tomas Popela)
        No need to recognize links in the element where it was already done (by parse_html_into_blocks()) 
(Tomas Popela)
        Remove special id used for BLOCKQUOTEs when generating the HTML version of the content (Tomas Popela)
        Always use the faster version of quoting when we previously wrapped the content (Tomas Popela)
        Properly check if the current node is indeed the HR element before processing it (Tomas Popela)
        Correct the indentation (Tomas Popela)
        Font style cannot be set (Tomas Popela)
        Cast warning printed when trying to cast non-element node to element in the 
get_parent_block_element() (Tomas Popela)
        Fix various extra new lines errors when processing the content (Tomas Popela)
        Ensure EMailConfigPage::changed signal is emitted in the main/UI thread (Milan Crha)
        Make ECompEditor an extensible (Milan Crha)
        Turning off the font formatting could leave empty elements in DOM (Tomas Popela)
        Redoing the input event should remove the BR if it was the only node there (Tomas Popela)
        Redoing a font style change will not set the correct values to the EEditorPage (Tomas Popela)
        Undoing the style change should act like the separate history event (Tomas Popela)
        test-htlm-editor-units - Do not focus window on show (Milan Crha)
        Cut/Copy/Paste in EHTMLEditor shows a runtime warning on the console (Milan Crha)
        PRE element could not be wrapped quoted correctly (Tomas Popela)
        Redoing some events could fail (Tomas Popela)
        Undoing or redoing the font format changes does not reflect the changes in the UI (Tomas Popela)
        Avoid vertical scrolling in the filtering rules editor dialog (Milan Crha)
        Some editor unit tests fail after commit d3fc7115732b25e9f3c1800c1a6b4902824c1cd0 (Milan Crha)
        Add --background option for test-html-editor-units (Milan Crha)
        Report errors from D-Bus calls to WebExtension-s (Milan Crha)

        Piotr Drąg (pl)
        Daniel Mustieles (es)
        Jiří Eischmann (cs)
        Andika Triwidada (id)
        Balázs Úr (hu)
        Enrico Nicoletto (pt_BR)
        Mario Blättermann (de)
        Matej Urbančič (sl)
        Ask Hjorth Larsen (da)
        Rūdolfs Mazurs (lv)
        Gábor Kelemen (hu)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution/3.21/evolution-3.21.91.tar.xz (11.7M)
  sha256sum: 5388df01942e0ca0493a0f59335433277b83fb5ff314fcc9e0d6134b03306a2f

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