gitg 3.15.1

About gitg

gitg is a graphical user interface for git. It aims at being a small,
fast and convenient tool to visualize the history of git repositories.
Besides visualization, gitg also provides several utilities to manage
your repository and commit your work.


Version 3.15.1 was released on 2015-02-09

== Changes ==
  * Fix building with vala 0.25
  * Bump libgit2-glib to 0.22.0
  * Implement basic history search
  * Implement basic fetch
  * Implement remote state tracking
  * Add remote management
  * Show hunk context in diff
  * Implement configuring of mainlines
  * Implement preserving mainlines on history lanes
  * Implement opening file from staging area
  * Allow choosing merge diff parent
  * Implement submodule patch stage/unstage
  * Implement workdir submodule stage/unstage
  * Show submodules in dash
  * Updated translations

=========  (30.8K)

======== (1.28M)
  sha256sum: feec5c8ef4f7134900305539ad4f087927497015191f26fd9f0cacfc7379cff3

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