four-in-a-row 3.11.90

About four-in-a-row

Make lines of the same color to win


* License notice: the new themes are GPLv3+

* New themes by Anatol Drlicek, based on images from the Faenza icon theme by
  Matthieu James.
* All old themes, except for the high contrast themes, have been removed.
* Removed the menu bar and status bar
* Added a header bar
* Undo, Hint, and New Game buttons added into the window
* Use an application menu (David SedeƱo)
* The game now properly displays the winner in two-player games.
* Fullscreen mode has been removed, since it doesn't look very good.
* It is no longer possible to request a hint twice in a row.
* It is no longer possible to start a computer vs. computer game.
* It is no longer possible to disable animations.
* Added tooltips to all buttons
* Updated translations

======== (2.14M)
  sha256sum: 701c90d756c9690ed257f0fa7caaed53a258f7f2af2f95615831f6165bb0e551

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