gnome-boxes 3.11.90

About GNOME Boxes

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Changes since

- Show spinner while initializing.
- Avoid warnings on console by only connecting to running displays.
- Remove 'Reboot required' infobar from properties. This infobar was redundant
  and looked ugly. We do present a notification that says basically the same
  thing and it even offers a button to actually restart the machine.
- Instead of spamming 'Reboot required' notifications each time user make a
  change, lets just show it once when user is done changing all the properties.
- Avoid 'Yes' and 'No' buttons as per HIG in 'Reboot required' notification.
- Correct order of buttons in topbar w.r.t Gtk+ 3.11.4.
- Support latest tracker version.
- Move most of the UI setup to .ui files.
- Reduced usage of clutter/clutter-gtk.
- Don't build redundant gd modules.
- Added/updated/fixed translations:
  - Assamese
  - Brazilian Portuguese
  - Czech
  - Galician
  - Hebrew
  - Spanish
  - Tajik
  - Ukrainian

All contributors to this release:

Daniel Korostil <ted korostiled gmail com>
Daniel Mustieles <daniel mustieles gmail com>
Enrico Nicoletto <liverig gmail com>
Florian Müllner <fmuellner gnome org>
Fran Diéguez <fran dieguez mabishu com>
Marek Černocký <marek manet cz>
ngoswami <ngoswami redhat com>
Piotr Drąg <piotrdrag gmail com>
Rafael Ferreira <rafael f f1 gmail com>
Victor Ibragimov <victor ibragimov gmail com>
Yosef Or Boczko <yoseforb src gnome org>
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>

======== (1.81M)
  sha256sum: 44b70b61f2c07eb01a70358b1d547f8142189a6128eac01608e61198025869a1

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