gst-plugins-good 1.0.5


Changes since 1.0.4:

      * rtspsrc: fix regression that make rtspsrc hang when stopping
      * audio/video parsers: fix negotiation with encoders in some transcoding cases
      * cairo: port cairooverlay to 1.0
      * jpegenc: pass flow returns upstream
      * qtdemux: fix pixel-aspect-ratio of some files with ProRes video
      * cairo: port cairooverlay to 1.0

Bugs fixed since 1.0.4:

      * 690184 : [parsers] Return too strict caps on the sinkpads
      * 690476 : regression: unable to stop rtsp stream
      * 691098 : v4l2src: breaks because of changed ioctl error return code from driver on failed control query in 3.8-rc1

Changes since 1.0.3:

      * deinterleave: properly set srcpad channel position
      * osxvideosink: Fix resizing the Cocoa window on receiving new caps
      * rtspsrc fixes
      * shout2send: also accept audio/webm in addition to video/webm
      * videobox: fix border filling for planar YUV formats
      * webmmux: fix linking to shout2send
      * v4l2: fix build on FreeBSD

Bugs fixed since 1.0.3:

      * 684312 : rtspsrc: mutex blocks going to NULL state
      * 684991 : videobox: sometimes incorrectly crops producing visual artifacts, and green instead of black border
      * 687469 : mulawdec: integer overrun with large chunks of data
      * 689732 : osxvideosink can't resize Cocoa window on receiving caps
      * 689336 : webmmux: can't link webmux to shout2send

=========  (14.5K)

======== (2.58M)
  sha256sum: 53bd0b848e7896f1b22548ca4e8be56cf425e5100e121c472dff8272d5140bc5

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