gstreamer 1.0.5


Changes since 1.0.4:

      * add GST_BIN_FLAG_NO_RESYNC flag that disables a resync when
        an element is added, removed or linked in the bin; this is
        interesting for complex bins that dynamically add elements
        to themselves and want to manage the state of those elements
        without interference from state resync threads (which may
        cause deadlocks)
      * add OTHER clock type

Bugs fixed since 1.0.4:

      * 690915 : Replace AM_CONFIG_HEADER with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS in

API additions since 1.0.4:


Changes since 1.0.3:

      * basesrc: fix potential leaks when re-activating in a different mode
      * bindings: make all pad probe types work with bindings
      * bindings: fix gst_event_parse_stream_start() annotation, fixing crash
      * documentation improvements

Bugs fixed since 1.0.3:

      * 687845 : filesrc: leaks file descriptor if activation in pull mode fails
      * 688804 : Getting error trying to add a pad_probe
      * 688934 : Gst.Event.parse_stream_start seems to not function correctly

=========  (6.40K)

======== (2.99M)
  sha256sum: 26c2827567f09a46d0a3bc1e7f8696b2ae72b047306539178079abae487c5b77

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