clutter-gtk 1.4.0

About Clutter-Gtk

Clutter-Gtk is a library which allows the embedding of a Clutter
canvas (or "stage") into a GTK+ application, as well as embedding GTK+
widgets inside the stage.


Changes since 1.3.2:
        • Drop deprecated Clutter API usage from classes and examples.
        • Ensure that GtkClutterEmbed works with GTK+ < 3.4.
        • Documentation fixes.
        • Track the size requests from the embedded ClutterStage. [Tristan Van
        • Translation updates.

List of bugs fixed:
        #681462, #669877, #684171

Many thanks to:
  Piotr Drąg, Takeshi AIHANA, Tristan Van Berkom

======== (303K)
  sha256sum: d51c4bb6a6ad0a337976766383f97a1c905a37bd77b3dbf484a7314130d97b6e

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