lasem 0.3.3

About Lasem

SVG and Mathml rendering library


	Fix parallel compilation.

	Fix a crash in case of transform attribute on gradient elements.
	Handle nodes with name prefixed with 'svg:'.
	Lame vertical text support.
	Fix font size when expressed as percentage.
	Implement overflow attribute for markers.
	Fix Marker auto orientation.
	Fix clipPath transform
	Add preliminary support for feGaussianBlur, feBlend, feComposite,
		feOffset, feMerge, feMergeNode and feFlood.
	Fix group opacity.
	Use transparent color when paint url is not found.

	Support for element prefixed by 'math:'.
	Fix update of itex element on style change.

======== (447K)
  sha256sum: 473f4927137c9d4130f9681f132110081d7234e0832a432f905527dd07da0ba1

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