gnome-shell-extensions 3.7.2

About GNOME Shell Extensions

GNOME Shell Extensions is a collection of extensions providing
additional and optional functionality to GNOME Shell. Most extensions
can be installed by configuring --prefix=$HOME/.local, and will be
picked automatically at next login.


* fixed crashes with places-menu, windowsNavigator, alternate-tab
  and native-window-placement
* alternate-tab now hides attached modal dialogs
* places-menu has restored support for Nautilus 3.4
* the default for hibernate is now to show in alternative-status-menu
* some extensions are now tagged as "classic", and can be chosen with
* dock and gajim were removed at the beginning of the 3.7.1 cycle,
  as they were buggy and unmaintained
* updated translations (ar, cs, de, el, es, gl, id, lt, lv, pa, pl
  ru, sk, sl, sr, sr@latin)

* fixed alternative-status-menu for the new lock screen
* squashed some alternate-tab warnings
* drive-menu now works with 3.6 again
* updated translations (ar, cs, el, es, gl, id, lv, pl, sl)

* major rework in places menu, to make it work without
  removed supporting code in the shell and to make it look like
  the nautilus sidebar
  (similar work would be needed for drive-menu, not done yet)
* updated translations (ca, cs, de, el, en_GB, es, fi, hu, id, lt,
  pl, pt_BR, ru, sl, sr)

* various crashers were fixed in alternative-tab
* auto-move-windows now can be made to work with static workspaces
* place-menu is now on the left and uses symbolic icons like Files
* StIconType usage was removed from all extensions, after it was
  removed in core
* systemMonitor, xrandr-indicator, apps-menu, places-menu,
  alternative-status-menu were updated for the newer shell
* updated translations (es, gl, it, pl, sl)

* alternate-tab has been reworked again, the old mode switch
  was removed and the all&thumbnails code extended to handle
  icons and filtering to the workspace
* alternate-tab thumbnails now reflect the aspect ratio of the windows
* systemMonitor now shows a tooltip above the indicator
* native-window-placement, systemMonitor and windowsNavigator have been updated
  for the newer shell
* updated translations (es, pa)

* convenience module has been relicensed to BSD,
  for compatibility with GPLv3 extensions
* alternate-tab has been refactored and seen various
  improvements to all&thumbnails mode, including a new
  overlaid application icon
* updated translations (lt, id, sr)

* updated translations (de, es, ar, sl, lv, zh_CN)

* removable-drive-menu is now a11y friendly
* the dock can now be placed on any monitor, not just the primary
* dock is now clipped to its monitor
* alternative-status-menu now exposes GSettings for Suspend
  and Hibernate visibility - no UI yet
* more gnome-shell API changes (places-menu, removable-drive-menu,
* miscellaneous bug fixes (native-window-placement, gajim,
* updated translations

* build system improvements
* updated translations (ar, cs, fr)

* various updates for gnome-shell API changes (dock,
* local-install is now a make rule, not a shell script
* updated translations (zh, es, sw, ga, hu, it, no, pt_BR, de, sl,
  pl, la, fi, sr)

* system wide installation via "make install" is possible
* alternate-tab can now pre-activate the selected window
* auto-move-windows, workspace-indicator and example gained
  new preference dialogs
* workspace-indicator: fixed a bug wrt focus stealing prevention
* updated translations (es, pt_BR, it, sl, gl, sr)

* improvements to the build system and convenience module,
  making it easier for other extensions to use, and bringing
  it up to date with gnome-shell changes
* all extensions were ported to the Lang.Class framework
  (except xrandr-indicator, which is pending GDBus merge)
* alternate-tab and dock were slightly refactored to clean up
  some old code

* improved styling of windowsNavigator tooltips
* fixed windowsNavigator when used with the numeric keypad
* fixed native-window-placement with custom button layout
* updated translations (pt_BR, cz)

* windowsNavigator was fixed to work with azerty keyboards
* drive-menu was changed to use media-eject icon instead of media-optical
* dock: the default value of hide-effect is now move
* dock: if autohide is disabled, now it pushes maximized windows aside
* dock was updated to match current core shell styling
* native-window-placement: position stategy setting was removed
* alternative-status-menu no longer conflicts with other extensions
  in the user menu
* various other minor bug fixes
* updated translations (zh, uk, es, it, cz, sl, sk, fi)

* all extensions are now self-contained, including l10n and settings
* introduce a convenience module that can be shared among all extensions
* you can know build an installable zip file with make zip-file
* apps-menu no longer shows NoDisplay apps
* alternative-status-menu, alternate-tab: fix for master shell

* dock: added "move" hide effect
* systemMonitor: now it enables/disables properly
* systemMonitor: improved styling
* alternate-tab: both modes now work with gnome-shell 3.2
* various other bug fixes
* updated translations

======== (160K)
  sha256sum: 9ba09fe036bde4888a187528fe0a239f85e818d853e311bea412ca5c1f31636e

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