jhbuild 3.5.5

About JHBuild

JHBuild is a tool used to build the whole GNOME desktop from the
source repositories.


Fixed bugs:

 - #581515, Don't build DeviceKit-disks by default
 - #656081, offer to git clean -dfx over "make distclean"
 - #671042, enhance system dependencies beyond pkg-config to detect include
            files & executable files
 - #672697, [RFC] branch/@version not required for tarball?
 - #678361, jhbuild: don't call get_system_modules() when
            config.check_sysdeps is False
 - #678709, create a new JHBuild tarball
 - #678869, jhbuild: svn URLs broken by calling os.path.abspath()
 - #679022, libnl-3 has wrong name for pkg-config file
 - #679375, The python version in the example/jhbuild-session
 - #679643, core-3.6: Add ibus dependency for g-s-d and g-c-c
 - #679792, jhbuild cmake: use os.makedirs() to create builddir directory
 - #679817, Add gnome-calendar to jhbuild
 - #679948, Packages have unmet dependencies
 - #679966, world-3.6: declare NetworkManager vala dependency
 - #680389, gnome-shell has undeclared runtime dependency on gdm
 - #681113, 3.6: nautilus requires tracker


- Daniel Mustieles (es)
- Andika Triwidada (id)
- Seong-ho Cho (ko)
- Kjartan Maraas (nb)
- Matej Urbančič (sl)

Documentation translators:

- Daniel Mustieles (es)

Many thanks to all contributors: Seong-ho Cho, Colin Walters, Philip
Withnall, Christophe Fergeau, Dan Winship, Javier Jardón, Bastien Nocera,
Luca Ferretti, Xan Lopez, Tommi Vainikainen, Rui Matos, Ryan Lortie, Ray
Strode, Marcin Wojdyr, Alexandre Franke, Craig Keogh, Matej Urbančič,
Andika Triwidada, Carlos Garcia Campos, Stef Walter, Matthias Clasen, Daniel

http://download.gnome.org/sources/jhbuild/3.5/jhbuild-3.5.5.tar.xz (745K)
  sha256sum: 718642f714e79eb54f9a440b55a8c6be8d97a11e3327171efbb1e3ce5bc0a97f

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