nemiver 0.9.3

About Nemiver Debugger

Nemiver is a graphical debugger for C and C++ applications.  It
integrates well in the GNOME desktop environment.


Andika Triwidada:
      Added Indonesian translation

Antoine Jacoutot:
      don't hardcode path to false.
      build: unbreak on OpenBSD by including iostream
      Terminal portability fixes for BSDs

Aurimas Černius:
      Added Lithuanian translation

Bruno Brouard:
      Updated French translation

Chao-Hsiung Liao:
      Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Cheng-Chia Tseng:
      Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Daniel Mustieles:
      Updated Spanish translation

Dimitris Spingos:
      Added Greek translation

Dodji Seketeli:
      542503 - Initial support for monitoring expressions
      665274 - Support --just-load command line
      680934 - Fix --enable-debuggeronly
      Various code cleanups

Dustin Polke:
      Fix XML validation.

Fabien Parent:
      Code cleanups

Fran Diéguez:
      Updated Galician translations

Jiro Matsuzawa:
      Update Japanese translation

Joe Hansen:
      Updated Danish translation

Kjartan Maraas:
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

Matej Urbančič:
      Updated Slovenian translation

Piotr Drąg:
      Added Polish translation
      Spell check translatable strings
      Fix typos in translatable strings
      Remove markup from translatable strings

Seong-ho Cho:
      Add Korean translation

Tom Hughes:
      Save and restore tty attributes

Мирослав Николић:
      Added Serbian translation

=========  (24.5K)

======== (2.27M)
  sha256sum: 27b8845e54a61ba597050eb16640aaaf2bf21be3191081c9ddd3a34fc2ae617d

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