gnome-settings-daemon 3.2.2

About GNOME Settings Daemon

GNOME Settings Daemon


Fix a number of memory leaks and static analysis bugs

Media keys:
- Fix suspend key not working
- Fix newly captured keybindings with GTK+ 3.2.1 not working
  ('<Primary>' key)
- Fix OSD display problem in fallback mode
- Allow grabbing the Print key without a modifier

- Fix possible undefined symbol

- Fix crash on start when registering a D-Bus service
- Fix problems getting ownership information for print jobs
- Only show errors when the print job triggering it is ours
- Make error notifications resident, and dismiss them when
  the problem is resolved

- Set cursor devices to be in relative mode by default

========  (1.35M)
  sha256sum: d91cac869e23f36942720485f04c3029fd5286fafb6ad12b07377e527b1f6884 (1.75M)
  sha256sum: f8f77b2c1e91fd861ad0c6e62ac1327615431923b1cf93ffd5ec592e254adb18

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