glom 1.19.19

About Glom

User-friendly database application.


* Use correct escapign of SQL identifiers in the custom SQL queries 
  that change database structure or GROUPS and USERS.
  However, this will fail with quote characters due to libgda bug #663608
* Tests: Test some changes of database structure.
* Require the latest libgdamm.
  (Murray Cumming)

=========  (2.85K)

========  (8.95M)
  sha256sum: de7fa6cf6868afee670a37b5ec8462ee82ab99bdb372d52a71cfc7f060755582 (9.70M)
  sha256sum: edbe20ce6587c506cebb705273d8bd2978b108f0609c073668778e95bfd99d36

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