gedit-plugins 2.91.3

       Module: gedit-plugins
      Version: 2.91.3
  Uploaded by: Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
 sha256sum: e0317de896066d0e9099166ec4ede1123a367afe25b3ad28fd7c078211a5ec49
      size: 2.20M
 sha256sum: 8f466f48daf5daeda750c25ec3ea88e3c77656fccd9ca5046e0b453333fc24c6
      size: 1.57M

About gedit-plugins

Collection of plugins for the gedit Text Editor


gedit-plugins 2.91.3

New features and fixes
- Update autoconf (Javier Jardón)
- Port bookmarks plugin to new message bus system (Paolo Borelli)
- Update synctex to use the new dbus api (José Aliste)
- Misc Bugfixes

=========  (1.74K)

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