gitg 0.2.2

       Module: gitg
      Version: 0.2.2
  Uploaded by: Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
 sha256sum: 8c0275065bbdc33e63fcca0b9d401f3594c53495ba4fe5959a6bf4932c14b23b
      size: 786K
 sha256sum: cfa1b1d2bdd1211c09e00dca42130ea98e98fde576d85e18eabfde1802d0d04a
      size: 575K

About gitg

gitg is a GitX clone for GNOME/gtk+. It aims at   being a small, fast
and convenient tool to visualize git history and actions   that
benefit from a graphical presentation.

= gitg 0.2.2 =
Version 0.2.2 was released on 2011-03-27

== Features ==
  * Added glade catalog file

== Bug fixes ==
  * Disable auto-utf8 for repository loading

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