seahorse 3.1.90

About seahorse

A password and encryption key manager.


 * Change application name to shorter 'Passwords and Keys'
 * Fix drop downs in key generation dialogs
 * Don't distribute internal libseahorse documentation
 * Match changes in libgck and libgcr
 * Remove old operation code, and replace with newer gio style async
 * Remove unused code and cleanup
 * Port to GSettings (instead of using GConf)
 * Add Glib style debug messages, activated with SEAHORSE_DEBUG=all
 * Translation and build fixes

=========  (30.4K)

========  (1.90M)
  sha256sum: e866d3dd46d3e1e303bc76fa47073a0fb48b8825fe9839157ac37916e4cd19a2 (2.27M)
  sha256sum: b106059842b8dc8286fd94736953ddc1045b296dc8c79d946c3752b88b195952

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