gnome-control-center 3.1.90

About gnome-control-center

GNOME's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop


- Allow SVG image files as background (Rodrigo Moya) (#648764)

- Fix a crash where out internal state gets screwed up (Richard Hughes)
- Only allow the user to import custom profiles with colord >= 0.1.12 (Richard Hughes)
- Remove color managed devices if they are deleted by another process (Richard Hughes)
- Do not attempt to delete the device if it's already added (Richard Hughes)
- If there are no profiles or devices then hide the toolbar (Richard Hughes)
- Add a small italic indication when there are no color managed devices (Richard Hughes)
- Add a new 'Learn more' button to the color panel (Richard Hughes)
- If we have only a few devices and profiles expand the treeview at startup (Richard Hughes)
- Remove unneeded category (Bastien Nocera)
- When setting the default profile for a display, use the correct device (Richard Hughes)

- Simplify language display (Matthias Clasen)
- Add api for region names (Matthias Clasen)
- Add a region mode to the language chooser (Matthias Clasen)
- Tweak default user list (Bastien Nocera)
- Fix distribution of language chooser glade file (Rodrigo Moya)

Date & Time:
- Use radio buttons for 24h time (Bastien Nocera) (#640059)

- Clean up ifdef's (Bastien Nocera)
- Simplify panel code (Bastien Nocera)
- Fix the labeller not disappearing (Bastien Nocera)
- Prefer higher frequency modes (Bastien Nocera) (#655041)

- Add link to the Region panel (Bastien Nocera) (#643101)
- Simplify GtkBuilder calls (Bastien Nocera)
- Use icon without a spanner (Bastien Nocera) (#657556)

- Mobile broadband bug fixes (Jiří Klimeš) (#657303)
- Fix possible double-free (Bastien Nocera)
- Fix display of IP info for some configs (Jiří Klimeš) (#657303)
- Fix updating VPN info when edited (Jiří Klimeš) (#723489)
- Show VPN type and info in panel (Jiří Klimeš)
- Clarify the VPN service type setting (Bastien Nocera)
- Rename "Options..." to "Configure..." (Bastien Nocera) (#657002)
- Fallback to GNOME as a hotspot name (Bastien Nocera)
- Use icon without a spanner (Bastien Nocera) (#657556)

Online accounts:
- Disable buttons when D-Bus service not available (Bastien Nocera) (#652572)

- Remove power and suspend buttons config (Bastien Nocera) (#652183) (#657068)
- Don't shrink the panel on desktops (Bastien Nocera)

- Avoid a crash in the absence of configured layouts (Matthias Clasen)
- Fix locale-changing code (Matthias Clasen)
- Redo the language tab (Matthias Clasen)
- Redo the formats tab (Matthias Clasen)
- Use region names on the region tab (Matthias Clasen)
- Show fewer regions (Matthias Clasen)
- Ensure the system tab is updated (Matthias Clasen)
- Add some spacing to the system tab (Matthias Clasen)
- Initial implementation of 'copy to system' (Matthias Clasen)
- Avoid crash when systemd is not available (Rodrigo Moya)
- Don't show region panel in Unity, it uses its own language selector (Rodrigo Moya)

- Only load desktop files from our dirs (Bastien Nocera)
- Don't repeat the item title when searching (Bastien Nocera) (#657020)
- Add Ctrl+Q as a way to exit the shell (Bastien Nocera) (#653443)

- Remove trailing spaces in strings (Bastien Nocera) (#657169)
- Track PulseAudio connection state and expose it (Giovanni Campagna) (#645708)
- Update volume-control applet for GVC API changes (Giovanni Campagna) (#645708)
- Don't warn without a sizegroup (Bastien Nocera)
- Fix sizing of sliders (Bastien Nocera)

System info:
- Always show the "Updates" button (Bastien Nocera) (#645274)

Universal access:
- Add more keywords to the desktop file (Matthias Clasen) (#657189)
- Add translator comments (Bastien Nocera) (#657167)
- Keep "text size" items a constant size (Bastien Nocera) (#657188)
- Don't crash when metacity isn't installed (Bastien Nocera)

User accounts:
- Remove some dead code (Matthias Clasen)
- Add a filter entry to the language dialog (Matthias Clasen)
- Prepopulate the language combo (Matthias Clasen)
- Remove trailing space in string (Bastien Nocera) (#657169)
- Add translator comments for split line (Bastien Nocera) (#657168)
- Prevent autologin for disabled users (Matthias Clasen) (#649816)
- Fix life-cycle issues (Matthias Clasen)

- Add a wacom control panel (Peter Hutterer) (#640981)

- bg (Ivaylo Valkov)
- de (Mario Blättermann)
- es (Daniel Mustieles, Jorge González)
- gl (Fran Dieguez)
- lt (Aurimas Černius)
- nb (Kjartan Maraas)
- nl (Reinout van Schouwen)
- sr (Мирослав Николић)
- sv (Daniel Nylander)
- ta (Dr.T.Vasudevan)
- ug (Abduxukur Abdurixit)
- zh_CN (Aron Xu)
- zh_HK (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
- zh_TW (Chao-Hsiung Liao)

=========  (45.2K)

========  (3.97M)
  sha256sum: 119db946291af93e004fa42afbb91a2cdaee3767fbdcac79ce9fceda8211b041 (4.66M)
  sha256sum: e5cb5a25714114334471c8bcd0152abdc7979283f8123cc45fb689e135c987b5

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