gnumeric 1.10.10

       Module: gnumeric
      Version: 1.10.10
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder
 sha256sum: 62c0853242c537287e96bfc6609ef08bf1c8822174dd38a9fd0b085620289785
      size: 22M
 sha256sum: fbc725d9d0233cc7d9cbd477f6a0a8e5621a246fcf84286fdba69ebaa30745c5
      size: 18M


Gnumeric 1.10.10

	* Significantly improve chart export and import to/from ODF.
	* Improve handling of corrupted ODF files.
	* Fix percentage style import from ODF. [#627517]
	* Fix INTERPOLATION documentation. [#627461]
	* Provide progress info in ODF export.
	* Improve warnings dialog in ODF import.
	* Fix button sensitivity in sort dialog.

	* Fix some interpolation and periodogram issues.
	* Fixed graph scalar data editor behavior. [#628721]

	* Plug sylk importer leak.
	* Plug xml importer leak.
	* Plug odf importer leak.  [#627759]
	* Extend domain of IMPOWER.  [#627775]
	* Allow use of glib's memory profiler.
	* Fix some confusion of char vs. xmlChar.
	* Fix elapsed-time entry.  [#628082]
	* Fix problems with limits for date axes.
	* Improve function docs self test.
	* Fix errors in function docs.


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