goffice 0.8.10

       Module: goffice
      Version: 0.8.10
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder

 sha256sum: 7a0a10729a4e3ecf13dd2c6c48ced20af882bb2b3373105f6ceabbf4b209954b
      size: 3.4M

 sha256sum: b2b2844e1cc7bed500810d58e27369be4748a5eb94a9aec667c2ac609d76e6bc
      size: 2.2M


goffice 0.8.10:

	* Make sure the first rather than the last error is shown.
	* Plug leak.
	* Provide the opportunity of all errors to be shown.

	* Always use real line width when evaluating dashes. [#442546]
	* Update x and y limits when data change for xyz plots. [#627288]
	* Do not crash when displaying cubic spline with no abscissa. [#627507]
	* Do not save image filling with no image. [#627690]
	* Don't use g_free instead of xmlFree. [#627700]
	* Optionnaly delete trendlines from legend. [#628031]
	* Fix critical in go_doc_finalize. [#628467]
	* Fixed a potential crasher in gog_styled_object_document_changed. [#628671]
	* Fixed GOImage references management. [#628732]

	* Limit formats to sane number of decimals.  [#627066]
	* Fix minor go_string_replace issue.
	* Plug leaks.
	* Fix char-xmlChar confusion.
	* Fix graph crash.  [#628259]
	* Improve go_format_is_date.
	* Improve handling of date axes with time-of-day.
	* Fix FMR on image load.  [Part of #628467]


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