gtk-sharp 2.12.10

       Module: gtk-sharp
      Version: 2.12.10
  Uploaded by: Mike Kestner
 sha256sum: 8cffad11a5bd285f130d4a7ac70d8ee1d8071a128b0a1a577d8f92cb04dba5f8
      size: 2.2M
 sha256sum: aaa53f7916f25f0f83760b6ffbf0d465d13ecfa55aa645603f1ca876b7d0f770
      size: 1.6M


2010-03-08  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* revert the -platform flag usage on windows until
	we can figure out why it breaks Gtk# on mono.

2010-03-01  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* msi/ use the netfx runtime version checks.
	Check for version 2.0 or greater.
	* msi/ ref the netfx extension.

2010-02-26  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* backport the mono-2 configure fallback.

2010-02-26  Mike Gorse  <mgorse novell com>

	* atk/Object.custom, atk/glue/object.c: Bind GetAttributes.

2010-01-11  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* checks for wix and add platform switch to win32
	builds to ensure 32BIT+ and PE32 are set. [Fixes #473566]
	* moved to msi dir and enhanced. see below.
	* license.rtf: moved to msi dir
	* add new dir, move installer target to msi Makefile.
	* msi/*: new installer building framework.  conditionally builds on wix
	availability.  downloads official binary bundles to build an unmanaged
	module. adds the .mo files to support translation [Fixes #513017]
	updated gtk+ version to 2.16.6.  still depends on win32-installers build
	for mono-posix and mono-cairo modules.

2009-11-30  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* generator/Method.cs: support win32_utf8_variant attribute on methods.
	* glib/*.cs: support win32 utf8 variant methods.
	* gtk/*.custom: support win32 utf8 variant methods.
	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: mark some win32_utf8_variant methods.
	  [Fixes #550961] Adapted from a patch by Tor Lillqvist.

2009-11-23  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* generator/Signal.cs: Return a GInterfaceAdapter in the signalargs's
	accessor properties instead of trying to return the implementor as stored in
	the arguments array.

2009-11-20  Gabriel Burt  <gabriel burt gmail com>

	* bootstrap-2.12: Bump GTK_SHARP_VERSION to 2.12.10

2009-11-20  Gabriel Burt  <gabriel burt gmail com>

	Make TextBufferSerializeFunc return byte []

	* gtk/
	* gtk/textbuffer-serializefunc.patch:
	* gtk/GtkSharp.TextBufferSerializeFuncNative.cs:
	* gtk/TextBufferSerializeFunc.cs: Copy of generated bindings, fixed to
	be usable. [Fixes #555495]

	* gtk/TextBuffer.custom: Add binding of RegisterSerializeFormat since no
	longer generated.

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: Remove GtkTextBufferSerializeFunc and
	RegisterSerializeFormat so bindings not generated.

2009-11-10  Gabriel Burt  <gabriel burt gmail com>

	* atk/atk-table.patch:
	* atk/ColumnDeletedHandler.cs:
	* atk/Table.cs:
	* atk/TableAdapter.cs:
	* atk/ColumnInsertedHandler.cs:
	* atk/Atk.metadata:
	* atk/RowDeletedHandler.cs:
	* atk/RowInsertedHandler.cs: We have to implement AtkTable's
	GetSelectedRows/Columns methods manually, and the only way to do that is
	to not generate those classes.  So these files are the generated files
	with the necessary modifications (see atk-table.patch).  This fixes
	support for custom widgets to add AtkTable a11y (BNC #512477)

	* atk/NoOpObject.custom: Manually implement Atk.Table iface

	* atk/ Add new files to build

2009-10-30  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* glib/GType.cs: avoid another exception on bogus assm.Locations.
	  [Fixes #546045]

2009-10-23  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* gtk/CellRenderer.custom: Pass the GdkRectangle parameters of CellRenderer.Render
	by reference. Patch by Diego Pettenò.

2009-09-22  Brad Taylor  <brad getcoded net>

	* glib/Idle.cs: 
	* glib/Timeout.cs: Don't try to remove the handler from the managed
	hashtable twice, add a comment explaining the need for the else branch.

2009-09-22  Brad Taylor  <brad getcoded net>

	* glib/Idle.cs: 
	* glib/Timeout.cs: Make sure to remove the unmanaged reference to the
	delegate when we're disposed or finalized.  In particular, this fixes a
	problem where GLib.Object's PerformQueuedUnrefs was being called after
	both the object and the handler had been GC'ed, resulting in a

2009-09-16  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: hide StatusIcon.GetGeometry for custom impl.
	* gtk/StatusIcon.custom: custom GetGeometry implementation to avoid
	marshaling exceptions on win32.  [Fixes #518169]

2009-09-11  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* gtk/Application.cs: Port the theming-relevant part of the
	SWF.Application.DoEvents code to avoid loading the assembly 
	at runtime on the Windows platform.

2009-08-23  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* gdk/Gdk.metadata: Mark PixbufFormat.Extensions and
	PixbufFormat.MimeTypes as null-terminated arrays.	[Fixes #533472]

2009-08-12  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* Detect GDK backend.
	* */* Link against the libs of the correct GDK backend
	instead of using x11 on Linux/win32 on Windows.
	Patch by Christian Hergert.	[Fixes 527840]

2009-08-05  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* sample/CustomcellRenderer.cs: Use GObject property registration
	instead of a CellDataFunc.

2009-08-05  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* glib/glue/object.c: Use -G_MINFLOAT and -G_MINDOUBLE since
	these constants return the minumum positive values for this type.

2009-07-30  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* generator/InterfaceGen.cs: remove var keyword usage to fix build
	 on .net 2.0. Fix a few mixed line endings as well.

2009-07-27  Mike Gorse  <mgorse novell com>

	* atk/Atk.metadata: Remove owned for Relation.GetTarget.

2009-07-21  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* glib/GInterfaceAdapter.cs: Fix a leak related to GCHandles not being freed.
	Patch from Mike Kestner with a minor tweak by me. [Fixes #523306]

2009-07-13  Gabriel Burt  <gabriel burt gmail com>

	* generator/GenBase.cs: Add AppendCustom override that you can pass the
	type name in, used to include .custom for Name + Adapter and Name +
	Implementor .custom files for interface gen.

	* generator/InterfaceGen.cs: Use the new AppendCustom override for the
	Name + Adapter.custom file, and add support for including custom file for
	the Name + Implementor interface; necessary to manually implement an
	interface method.

2009-07-10  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* pango/Pango.metadata: Mark "ink_rect" and "logical_rect" parameters of Get*Extends
	methods as "out".  [Fixes #510105]

2009-06-08  Christian Hoff  <christian_hoff gmx net>

	* atk/ObjectFactory.custom: Reimplement ObjectFactory virtual
	methods. Patch provided by Mike Kestner and Gabriel Burt.

2009-05-31  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* move the RemoveExistingVersions action
	after InstallFinalize to avoid a problem where the GAC assemblies
	disappear.  [Fixes #508580]

2009-05-27  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* bootstrap-2.12: bump version to 2.12.9.
	* merge mono-posix-lib module.  Add update
	element so that we remove existing older installs.

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