glib 2.22.5

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.22.5
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
 sha256sum: d953e3112b4299e63e93cd6864019629743f8b4ab67139169ed0a577cb219cbc
      size: 6.9M
 sha256sum: 802be9c9ffeb631725ffd6ed35af0af309776729a7fab4fcb48f2b0b8fe7245b
      size: 4.8M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.22.4 to GLib 2.22.5

* Bugs fixed:
 568760 nautilus freezes due to a bug...
 609813 Renaming a file discards file notes
 611696 gio uses GetAddrInfo which requires special handing...
 552912 glib-2.18 /live-g-file/test_copy_move failed...
 609143 *result_uncertain is never assigned in g_content_type_guess
 609531 missing licence headers
 610860 test_g_file_open_readwrite fails if $HOME is unwritable
 612702 Fix GSocket-related crash on Windows

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