gnome-games 2.29.92

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.29.92
  Uploaded by: Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen
 sha256sum: 9d033564895fe95127ddc862cb16e47b7dbf8243f66f968a4454a4a6d4e543db
      size: 30M
 sha256sum: 153316c6f6adf5b438fbc6d6e5d4c1e7077c979f2fbc7969299ffdf90afb97cb
      size: 26M


gnome-games 2.29.92

Ask H. Larsen (1):
      Updated Danish translation

Branko KokanoviÄ? (3):
      Fixed some typo in Serbian translations
      Updated Serbian doc translations
      Updated Serbian doc translations

Christian Persch (5):
      build: Fix clutter-gtk check for clutter 1.2
      aisleriot: Fix the build with clutter 1.2
      aisleriot: Fix error-bell signal slot
      aisleriot: Fix focus signal
      aisleriot: Add cogl option group

Joe Hansen (2):
      Added Danish translation
      Added Danish translation

Kenneth Nielsen (1):
      Added da to list of langauges

Leonid Kanter (1):
      Update Russian translation by Yuri Kozlov <yuray komyakino ru>

Mario Blättermann (1):
      Updated German doc translation

MiloÅ¡ PopoviÄ? (1):
      Added Serbian in AisleRiot help Makefile

Torstein Adolf Winterseth (1):
      Updated Norwegian Nynorsk translation

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