gcalctool 5.29.92

       Module: gcalctool
      Version: 5.29.92
  Uploaded by: Robert Ancell

 sha256sum: 1d985dcc8a4c1ddeece7ff328ddab9f19580ca4bd9003f12067630e94bd42f30
      size: 1.9M

 sha256sum: 15ef849e459c410f4ee022ce7f58bc7ee2dcdadd9e5752c29ea641e7bd60a29c
      size: 1.2M


Overview of changes in gcalctool 5.29.92

    * Add shortcuts to base buttons (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+O, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+H)

    * Convert number in display if it has a base and a base button is pressed

    * Make scientific notation button behave the same as keyboard shortcut (i.e.
      go into superscript mode).
    * Only allow superscript minus to be entered if can make a valid superscript
      number, otherwise revert to standard minus.

    * Allow hexadecimal numbers to be entered in lower-case

    * Make bit editor active for displayed numbers not in base 10

    * Make variable powers work, e.g. x²

    * Fix spacebar not working when display has focus (Bug #611971)

    * Load currency rates when doing typed currency conversion
    * Use GIO instead of libsoup

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