gtkhtml 3.31.5

       Module: gtkhtml
      Version: 3.31.5
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes
 sha256sum: 19003225fda676e9934989c2fab77cedfafb14942361b62eec98669db5ee5e80
      size: 1.7M
 sha256sum: 96562326e69a3989619599b6467ce772da0127f7ab3e5742b05976c89309343e
      size: 1.2M


GtkHTML-3.31.5 2010-07-12

Bug Fixes:
	Bug 624149 - Check for NULL after gtkhtml_editor_run_open_dialog()
	             (Matthew Barnes)

Other Changes:
	Work around sudden disapperance of GdkRegion in GTK+ 2.90.5.
	(Matthew Barnes)

	Marek Cernocky (cs)
	Matej Urban¿i¿ (sl)

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