at-spi2-atk 0.3.5

       Module: at-spi2-atk
      Version: 0.3.5
  Uploaded by: Mike Gorse
 sha256sum: 3f37073313a6fc6bf677d3103345e17f106950ac0b3f0f01fd1ed9255e2da305
      size: 436K
 sha256sum: 665813d6101df6d0b127a840bfabb7f24863fc62ea030117403bc2e0a91d956c
      size: 332K


What's new in at-spi2-atk 0.3.5:

* Have a socket retrieve its state set from its embedded plug

* Rename AT_SPI_CLIENT to AT_SPI_REENTER_G_MAIN_LOOP, but still check the
former variable as well for now.

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