pygobject 2.21.5

       Module: pygobject
      Version: 2.21.5
  Uploaded by: Tomeu Vizoso
 sha256sum: 5be816798ee2a35037474e5186af7d04e9dc2b8d502c99443d359b883f026767
      size: 1016K
 sha256sum: 14dc23bd8adb3626cfbaa7b7df1070c8da260e60925ec83beac517d7155cfed8
      size: 756K


2.21.5 12-Jul-2010
        - Shut up some compiler warnings (Florian Müllner)
        - Adjust to API break in GObject-Introspection (Florian Müllner)
        - pass in the demo app so demos can use utility methods like requesting file paths (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - demo fixes to keep up with Gtk+ (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - override test fixes for new GTK+ annotations (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Fix warning. (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
        - fix up treeiter usage due to caller-allocates annotations in gtk+ (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - add entry completion demo (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - string changes (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - add the Entry demo directory and the entry_buffer demo (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - fix loading of demo modules to support sub modules (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - add the ability to have demos in sub catagories (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Add  __name__ to DynamicModule class. (Jose Aliste)
        - Do not override GdkRectangle. (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
        - Add override for TreeModel implementing __len__() (Philip Withnall)

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