seed 2.31.5

       Module: seed
      Version: 2.31.5
  Uploaded by: Tim Horton
 sha256sum: 696bef6955c6b98f8bd7a97d4e7e8c1d1702cc89b7c2c54eeea3bdb55d73709e
      size: 996K
 sha256sum: cd73d1bff503be5d341033a1a67ebd4029848ee6297789f1d40eca2ede77654d
      size: 748K


== Seed 2.31.5, "Elephant" (2010.07.11) ==

* Seed now requires WebKitGtk+-3.0, built against Gtk+-3.0

* Support for passing GObjects as userdata

* Support for redirection of Seed.print via set_print_handler

* Support __script_path__ within Seed sandboxes

* Fixes to importer to not expose toString/valueOf files

* Additional warnings in various potential error cases

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