gtk+ 2.91.7

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.91.7
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
 sha256sum: 188f126f93c2991ac1820fc8f7220c0fbe5782ca8ddba872235f75637dc80400
      size: 25M
 sha256sum: 24fbfd9d7f45a57df80cbc7ac8185672f0cdc9f259dc3680b0d35401fc906860
      size: 17M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.91.6 to 2.91.7

* The treeview-refactor branch has been merged, bringing more
  flexible cell arrangement with GtkCellArea, GtkCellAreaBox, etc

* The gdk-backend branch has been merged. This branch cleans up the
  internal frontend/backend separation in GDK, with the ultimate goal
  of allowing to build a single gdk library that contains multiple
  backends (interesting combinations are x11+wayland or quartz+x11).

  For now, GDK is still restricted to a single backend, but
  as a first step, the libraries no longer include the backend name
  in their soname, but are just and

  Only the x11 backend has been kept up to date with this cleanup
  work, other backends are broken in this release.

* Deprecations and removals:
 - G_SEALed struct members have been removed from GtkWindowGroup,
   GtkDrawingArea, GtkTreeStore, GtkTreeModelSort, GtkTreeSelection,
   GtkSocket, GtkPrintJob, GtkSelectionData
 - Input device handling:
   - gdk_display_list_devices, gdk_display_get_core_pointer,
     gdk_input_set_extension_events, gtk_widget_set_extension_events,
     gdk_devices_list have been removed
   - gdk_display_warp_device has been replaced by gdk_device_warp
   - gdk_enable_multidevice has been replaced by gdk_disable_multidevice
 - Drag-and-Drop:
   gdk_drag_context_new, gdk_drag_find_window and gdk_drag_get_protocol
   have been removed
 - Property handling:
   Functions that deal with X11-specific encodings such as Compound Text
   have been moved to backend-specific API:
   gdk_utf8_to_compound_text[_for_display], gdk_free_compound_text,
   gdk_text_property_to_text_list[_for_display], gdk_free_text_list,
 - Foreign windows:
   Functions for dealing with GdkWindow wrappers around foreign
   windows have been moved to backend-specific API.
 - Application launching:
   The gdk_spawn_* APIs have been removed, since they were trivial
   wrappers around g_spawn_* on most platforms and can be replaced
   by GIO GAppInfo APIs.
 - Misc. other functions: gdk_net_wm_supports, gdk_set_locale,
   gdkx_visual_get have been either removed, gdk_set_sm_client_id
   has been moved to backend-specific API.

* A number of GTK+ widgets have been ported to use GtkStyleContext
  directly for rendering

* The tracker search backend for the file chooser has been updated
  to work with libtracker-sparql as available in tracker >= 0.9

* The GtkAboutDialog has been given a facelift. It no longer
  opens second-level dialogs

* The GDK X11 backend now uses XI2 (including multi-device capabilities)
  by default. Use gdk_disable_multidevice() to switch back to the
  XI1/Core implementation

* Bug fixes:
 629923 Consider always calling unmap() when unsetting MAPPED flag
 634657 Dynamically attached calendar does not respond to mouse clicks
 635401 Setting conflict warning does not disappear when conflict is fixed
 636732 Gtk+ fails to build
 636777 Leak in gtk_css_provider_get_named
 637018 Add checks for id-column/entry-text-column >= 0
 637069 Custom print settings set in custom-widget-apply are lost
 637155 Remove vestiges of support for themes using XSHAPE
 637156 Optimize gtk_widget_shape_combine_region (widget, NULL, ...)
 637189 gtk_cell_renderer_spin_start_editing uses g_ascii_strtod but...
 637243 docs: fix link failure on gtk-doc scanner binaries
 637256 gtkstylecontext: fix typos in annotations
 637464 Fix GdkWindowFilter internal refcounting
 637471 GTK2_RC_FILES should be renamed to GTK3_RC_FILES
 637520 Gtk+ seems to have broken Mutter
 637606 Missing out annotations for gtk_accelerator_parse and...
 637608 Problems with the new AboutDialog

* Translation updates:
 Norwegian bokmål

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