gnome-keyring 2.31.91

       Module: gnome-keyring
      Version: 2.31.91
  Uploaded by: Stefan Walter
 sha256sum: ef58e2b5bb54fbf0294a9a857b669f07e2d4d429fb143cb2b40d49353f559b96
      size: 2.2M
 sha256sum: 5059e17183f1aa273fdc3f844e12d4902c616734a82e371a1f2c2119e0baa390
      size: 1.6M


Changes in version 2.31.91 are:
 * Fix problem with keyring names that contain foreign charaters.
 * Build fixes and warning fixes.
 * Better GPG Agent prompt strings.
 * More internal documentation.
 * Remove gconf as part of migration to gsettings.
 * Add --replace option to daemon.
 * Fix race condition in tests.
 * Use new DER decoding and encoding routines.
 * Only try to authenticate once if PKCS#11 slot has
   protected auth path.
 * Better handling of when PKCS#11 token is write protected.

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