epiphany 2.30.4

       Module: epiphany
      Version: 2.30.4
  Uploaded by: Diego Escalante Urrelo

 sha256sum: c9a668f46fde38464e665dca7b25dd837f6f6993d4c5f9a077f813976e69e5de
      size: 7.8M

 sha256sum: f2729c927eec6c8e5e5bee336087ee81044dc794a13a8d56a321bbf0c03b36b4
      size: 5.7M


Epiphany 2.30.4

This releases tries to sync with master as much as possible. Mostly bug fixes,
cleanups and small enhancements have been cherry-picked.

  - Prevent a crasher in the download dialog
  - Highlight matches on "Find again"
  - Install introspection files in our own prefix, not g-i's
  - Fix feeds URL for relative URIs
  - Don't let ephy-favicon-cache store invalid files
  - Update libegg to latest master
  - Remove deprecated functions to work with GTK+ 2.22 / master

Epiphany 2.30.3


  - Fix middle click on back/forward buttons and its menus
  - Fix a crasher when loading URIs with no path
  - Adapt to GtkNotebook signal signature changes


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