libgda 4.0.11

       Module: libgda
      Version: 4.0.11
  Uploaded by: Vivien Malerba
 sha256sum: 959ef4d720d7cafe2bca9f9f4f0496a36fafef88a4cab54c2b131f11533010b7
      size: 9.7M
 sha256sum: ac3b839f79283de506eefb825ec5eb3e800ad394937989d21764bc3f20bc2e1c
      size: 7.9M


libgda 4.0.11, 2010-08-27

 - Small corrections: mainly in the SQLite and MySQL providers, and connection locking.
 - version bump to 4.0.11 because of a misplaced 4.0.10 tag in git

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