libchamplain 0.7.1

       Module: libchamplain
      Version: 0.7.1
  Uploaded by: JiÅ?í Techet
 sha256sum: 50e23f5a69e0610790b0a305484079fc19168ae19775c373becc1cd768c6f50f
      size: 860K
 sha256sum: c1669cbfc0d1b01950d9740fd5d3f9f57cdfaf37df855392bdd214210d2f4601
      size: 660K


libchamplain 0.7.1 (2010-08-26)

Unstable release
Bindings have not been updated yet.

* Fix #623043 champlain.pc file has too much requires (Laurent Bigonville)
* Layer speedup by using clutter functions for marker ordering (Russell Strong)
* Use the renderer to render cached tiles (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Fixed crashes caused by improper tile loading termination (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Fixed many memory leaks (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Use memory cache in addition to file cache by default (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Use memphis_renderer_tile_has_data() as it works with libmemphis 0.2.1 
  (JiÅ?í Techet)
* On double click center to the clicked area (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Make ChamplainRenderer inherit from GInitiallyUnowned (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Access the elements in memory cache directly, not sequentially (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Updated documentation (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Use stable api version in soname also in development releases (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Minor fixes and cleanups (JiÅ?í Techet)

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