gthumb 2.11.90

       Module: gthumb
      Version: 2.11.90
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
 sha256sum: 725548fc4fb9d69d385fdb9658d8a956061b3bff8fb9f0108c44b4616916f29d
      size: 5.7M
 sha256sum: beb5335dcd78fb5e5af56ce08c3b477f4ea255e12ca2b1ef6742273cf0e7e454
      size: 4.2M


version 2.11.90

	New features and user visible changes:

	* Slideshow: added ability to view the images in random order (#621244)
	* Change date tool: allow to set the date without touching the time 
	* Video player: display the video speed in the status bar and allow 
	  to change speed from 0.03 to 36.0 (#624454)
	* Removed the "do not change folder" option from the preferences dialog
	  as it was useless.
	* Added ability to organize files by tag: the organize command can 
	  organize files by tag, creating a catalog for each tag found in the
	  scanned images.
	* The "fit window to image" is now a toggle action. (#617488)
	* Added two orientation tools: added tool to physically rotate the 
	  images according to their embedded orientation; and a tool to reset 
	  the embedded orientation without rotating the images.
	* Removed the preferences button from the import dialogs: instead of 
	  the overwrite option just use the overwrite dialog when a file is 
	  going to be overwritten; the rotate option is used only when 
	  importing from a device and is set in the general preferences dialog.
	* New application icon.

	Bugs fixed:

	* Fixed escaping of UTF-chars in ui file (Gabor Kelemen) (#626990)
	* Fixed comment lost when upgrading from 2.10 to 2.11. (#626893)
	* Fixed unnecessary reloading when setting a filter (#625937)
	* Fixed saving of Xmp and Iptc description and title fields (#626284)
	* Fixed catalog reordering when the catalog is sorted and/or filtered
	* Fixed crash in fullscreen mode when viewing an image after a video.
	* Activate the web album extension b default.
	* Correctly hide and show the mouse pointer in the video player.
	* Fixed search test when the "match any" option was active.
	* Flicker importer: fixed crash when the image url is not found
	New or updated application translations:

	* Czech (Marek Ä?ernocký)
	* Deutsch (Mario Blättermann)
	* Español (Jorge González)
	* Slovenian (Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?)

	New or updated manual translations:

	* Español (Jorge González)
	* German (Mario Blättermann)

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