file-roller 2.31.90

       Module: file-roller
      Version: 2.31.90
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
 sha256sum: 00a4cc618f86aee6d55fc50cf5c65edb5fbcc4ed9584cbc423ef0a7245151526
      size: 2.7M
 sha256sum: 97bab2495027233b771187c8e146daba2dbcfeba5821aceaa42a0c7135eca8ed
      size: 1.8M


version 2.31.90

	New features and user visible changes:
	* Use GConf instead of GSettings

        New or updated application translations:

        * Chinese (simplified) (Aron Xu)
        * Czech (Adrian Guniš)
        * Indonesian (Andika Triwidada)
        * Punjabi/Panjabi (A S Alam)
        * Uyghur (Sahran)

        New or updated manual translations:

        * Chinese (China) (YunQiang Su)

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