f-spot 0.7.2

       Module: f-spot
      Version: 0.7.2
  Uploaded by: Ruben Vermeersch

 sha256sum: 6b4dace05503d7e785edd8ed85b6c3b31537d88b72b57c52d5e74e4ad61d6101
      size: 4.4M

 sha256sum: 3c6b90afb851ef1a9311e1217848def5b9df9ca0267ae63e892440f213a48eeb
      size: 3.0M


f-spot 0.7.2 - Aug 11 2010 - Retooled
- Third release of the unstable 0.7 development series. Features a fully
  restructured source tree with full Monodevelop build support. Solves some of
  the regressions introduced in 0.7.1.
 - Reorganized source tree for clarity, builds with Monodevelop.
 - Switched from QueuedSqliteDatabase to HyenaSqliteConnection (Mike Gemünde)
 - Build tweaks (Christian Krause)
 - More GtkBuilder transition (Eric Faehnrich)
 - Reliability improvements (lots of them) for metadata handling (Mike Gemünde,
   Ruben Vermeersch)
 - Prune empty directories when deleting photos, import usability enhancements
   (Mike Wallick)
 - Big race-condition fix in import (Paul Wellner Bou)
 - Loads of improvements to Taglib#, in terms of handling broken files, extra
   format support (Pentax, Panasonic, Leica), stability and correctness (Ruben
 - Reporting of import errors.
 - Speedups to repeated imports of the same directory.
 - Piles of cleanups and general stability improvements.
 - Over 50 bugs closed (http://bit.ly/cqpC3y)

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