glom 1.14.6

       Module: glom
      Version: 1.14.6
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: c3e141e77d64eaf52de19db1531fabcd9cc15da1d4a72a288875bed449464276
      size: 6.3M
 sha256sum: 412554d4f1088e9fea30219187ed63603a7306c25fb66002f4215409af55adf1
      size: 5.2M


1.14.6 (stable):

* Import dialog, Text formatting:
  SpinButtons: Don't have 0 to 0 ranges with only 0 increments possible.
* Document loading: Show an error dialog even for unexpected errors.
* Startup: Catch exceptions from std::locale::global() because it is throwing
  in at least one system under apparently normal circumstances.
  This should fix bug #619445 (teidooricaerak) or at least give us another clue.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Build: Linker flags improvements (David King)

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