nautilus-actions 2.99.1

       Module: nautilus-actions
      Version: 2.99.1
  Uploaded by: Pierre Wieser
 sha256sum: d8a53c5fe6d8e7cdba5d43642ef8c3367d28c6de86838d96d9cd8f9097ddb7de
      size: 2.4M
 sha256sum: 9c03aadb91116356cadf155636a7fd31bf02f6ed944dff5285ac13dcafbac7df
      size: 2.0M


Version 2.99.1

	Release date 2010-08-07


		- NACT now implements an auto-save feature.
		- Display sort indicator in condition lists.
		- Some sort of user's manual is connected to NACT help.

	Other modifications: 

		- Help shortcut is now F1 (no more Ctrl+H).

	Bug fixes:

		- Implement multiple execution.
		- Implement all filter conditions.
		- Fix a crash when defining a positive assertion.
		- Fix wrong insertion of an action or a menu inside an action.
		- Fix capabilities frame title consistency.
		- Fix bad reinitialization of the icon item.

	New parameters:

		- %m: (first) mimetype.
		- %M: space-separated list of mimetypes.

	New and updated translations:

		de (Mario Blättermann)
		es (Jorge González)
		sl (Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?, Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?)

	Note that this version may not be fully fonctionnal. In particular,
	Nautilus menu plugin may not yet honor all new conditions.
	Note also that due to the renaming of some parameters, actions or menus
	created / updated with this version may not be compatible with previous,
	older, ones.

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